Medical report declares Nawaz ‘high-risk patient’

Nawaz Sharif calls important party meeting after Shehbaz arrest

Medical report declares Nawaz ‘high-risk patient’

LAHORE: Fresh medical report of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif filed with the Lahore High Court’s registrar office shows that he must undergo coronary catheterisation as a significant part of his heart is at risk.

The report signed by Dr David Lawrence, a London-based consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, states the medical investigations and opinions are indicative of significantly reduced blood supply to Mr Sharif’s heart and its impaired functionality.

It says the treatment of Mr Sharif has been carried out conservatively as is merited by the prognosis of various diseases he suffers from.

“A multidisciplinary approach was warranted for his safety while undergoing an invasive procedure due to underlying ITP (unstable platelet counts) and co-morbidities (hypertension, diabetes & kidney disease) which carry a significant risk of bleeding and possibility of a procedural or peri-procedural adverse cardiac event,” the report adds.


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