Meeting held to maintain peace, harmony in Muharram


ISLAMABAD:Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony here on Monday held a meeting to maintain peace and harmony during holy month of Muharram-ul-Harram.
Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Sardar Muhammad Yousuf chaired the meeting while Ulema from different sects attended the meeting.
The meeting focused on to keep the peace and harmony in the country and secure country from any untoward situation.
Addressing the meeting, Sardar Muhammad Yousuf said ,”We all have a responsibility to maintain peace and harmony in Muharram ul Haram as Islam teaches us that peace and harmony plays important role so that people should try to be united with each other.”
He said that code of conduct played a vital role to keep any city free from any mishap and stopping the enemies to hatch any conspiracy against the country.
The minister said everyone had a right to observe Muharram-ul-Harram in his own way and no one could hurt anyone.
He also talked about the conditions that were prevailing in Burma and urged the citizens to help those helpless Muslims.
National Security Advisor General (Retd) Nasir Janjua said “Government was fully committed for the protection and security of citizens of Pakistan.”
He said “There were number of challenges we were facing and managing these challenges successfully.”
He said the role of Ulema was vital for maintaining peace and harmony in the society and expressed the hope that they would play their due role positively.
He emphasized the need of unity during the holy month to foil the evil designs of enemies of the country.– APP


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