Met office forecasts more rain, snowfall in KP, tribal districts

Met office forecasts more rain in KP, tribal districts

PESHAWAR: Rain turned the weather pleasant in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, tribal districts and rest of the country on Sunday and more rain is expected during the next 24 hours.
The Metrological Department said the rain spell started on Sunday and still it is raining in different parts of KP and trial districts. Snowfall is also continuing in the mountainous areas. Saidu Sharif (21mm) received most rain in KP, Peshawar received 18mm, Patan 12mm, Timergara 11mm, Kalam 10mm, and Parachinar, Balakot and Cherat received 9mm each. Minimum temperature in Peshawar on Monday was recorded at 10 degrees centigrade.
The Met Office has also issued third alert of this year regarding fewer rains due to the impact of climate change. The alert says 27 districts of Sindh and Balochistan will face from medium to high levels of drought. Agricultural lands and cattle are likely to be affected from drought-like situation.


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