Moeed Yusuf : National ,economic security and human welfare are inter woven

PM’s Adviser on National Security Dr. Moeed Yusuf on Wednesday stated that the government is trying to gain economic security that will ultimately contribute to national security and human welfare.

During an event organized by the English Speaking Union of Pakistan, Yusuf said “Now the case of national security is the economic security and human welfare.”

Pakistan’s national policy had shifted to geo-economic policy from geostrategic policy, he said. Yusuf added, “Now, we are working on a comprehensive national security policy centered on economic security.”

On Afghanistan’s situation, the adviser said Stability in Afghanistan is vital for the whole world.”If there is no peace in Afghanistan, it will not only affect Pakistan but the whole world,”

“We cannot afford instable and burning Afghanistan. Pakistan has no option to disengage,”

Peaceful and stable Afghanistan would help Pakistan establish connectivity with Central Asia and other neighboring countries, he added. He also pointed out that Gwadar Port and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s importance would also increase with this enhanced regional connectivity.

Shedding light on the country’s geographical importance in the region, Yusuf said: “We should take advantage of our location and try to understand our importance.”

“The last but not least important part of the national security is to build and promote positive perception for Pakistan before the world to increase trade and attract foreign investment, besides engaging the world as partner in the uplift of the social sector,” he added.


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