Morocco earthquake death toll soars 2,862 as rescue efforts continue

World leaders show unity with Morocco

MOROCCO: The death toll from the devastating earthquake that struck southwestern region of Morocco on Friday soared to 2,862 as rescue efforts continue to find survivors in the rubble of hundreds of collapsed buildings.

According to the US Geological Survey, the magnitude of 6.8 earthquake hit the Atlas mountain range, 75 kilometers from the city of Morocco, and its underground depth was recorded at 18.5 kilometers.

Officials said that number of people killed in the devastating earthquake has reached 2,862, while more than 2,500 people are injured.

According to local media, many areas of the earthquake have lost electricity, while historical buildings declared as world cultural heritage by UNESCO have also been damaged.

According to the authorities, buildings became piles of rubble due to earthquake. Electricity and communication systems have been badly affected while the people affected by the earthquake are forced to spend the night under the open sky.

It is also stated by the officials that as a result of earthquake, many buildings were destroyed, while dozens of buildings were partially damaged. Rescue and relief operations are ongoing in the earthquake-affected areas.

The earthquake is said to be the deadliest earthquake since 1960 in Morocco when 12,000 people were killed by the earthquake.

On the other hand, star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo opened his luxury hotel in Morocco for earthquake victims.

Ronaldo’s luxury hotel in Morocco is providing shelter to earthquake victims, Ronaldo’s hotel is a 4-star hotel with swimming pool, fitness center and restaurant facilities.



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