Mullah Baradar optimistic about peace talks’ success

Afghanistan peace talks

KABUL: Senior Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is optimistic about the success of peace talks with the US.
According to Afghan media, in an audio message, Baradar, who heads the Taliban’s Qatar Office, acknowledged progress in talks with the US after a marathon fifth round, but in the same breathe made it clear that the Taliban remained firmed to their basic stance.
He hoped the Taliban and the US would reach a deal in future talks. “We hope that foreigners would leaver Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan would live like brothers,” he said.
“If (Afghans) think of us like brothers I trust in God that all the problems will be solved,” Baradar said.
“I ask all our countrymen to be sure there is no need to worry. Everyone will be treated very well,” he added.
Baradar said the Taliban respected academic and religious personalities of the country and they would be treated the way Taliban treated their colleagues.
He also clarified that Afghanistan’s territory would not be used against anyone else and similarly foreigners would not be allowed to use Afghan territory against others.
“We are very hopeful for the peace talks, because the latest round had some good dialogues which paved the way to more progress regarding peace in the future,” Baradar said in the eight-minute audio tape.
“We assure the neighboring, regional and other countries that the upcoming system will not be against anyone, we are not under the influence of anyone, and have no aim of harm to anyone,” Baradar said.
Baradar also offered a message to Taliban fighters, saying that even though he felt the group had achieved political and military victory, they should remain composed and not become arrogant.– Agencies


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