Mullah Mansoor vows to continue ‘jehad’ for Shariah in Afghanistan

KABUL: The new Ameer of the Afghan Taliban Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor  has announced that jihad (holy war) would continue till implementation of Islamic Shariah in Afghanistan.
In an audio message, released by Afghan Taliban on their website, Mullah Mansoor addressed the Taliban leaders after becoming the chief of the movement. He said that they would foil conspiracies against the movement. He said that no unilateral decision would be taken by him and decisions would be made in consultation with the leaders of the movement. He said that he could not succeed without the help of the all mujahideen. He said that he would take along all the leaders including the dissidents. He said that if someone had any  reservations and differences he should inform him to remove them. 
He urged the Taliban fighters not to listen to propaganda of enemies and remain united for mission of Mullah Omar to implement Shariah in Afghanistan. He said that he would continue struggle for the accomplishment of the Mullah Omar Mission.  He called for ending differences and joint struggle for the implementation of the Islamic system in Afghanistan.
 Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor gave detailed information about the passing away of late Amir-ul-Momineen (may his soul rest in peace) and the appointment of his successor to the participants. He said that he has bowed to accept this huge responsibility bestowed by the discerned and influential scholars only for the sake of serving the Divine religion and the continuation and sustainability of the ongoing Jihadi process.
He added that in these intricate circumstances, the liability of leadership is certainly a huge obligation and we should all together pray to Almighty Allah to assist and guide us to honestly discharge this responsibility. He further said that all the responsible people in the Islamic Emirate should co-operate with the new leadership so that the sacrifices of the previous decades of Jihad is preserved and we reach our destination with the support of Almighty Allah.
After delivering his speech, allegiance was sworn to him as new legitimate Amir (leader) of the Islamic Emirate and later, the afternoon (Asr) prayer was offered in congregation in his leadership.



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