NA approves Bill to make Quran teaching compulsory in schools


ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Wednesday approved the Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Bill 2017, which will make Quranic education compulsory for Grade 1 through Grade 12 in all federal educational institutions in the country.
The bill is not only applicable to all institutes owned and controlled by the federal government, but also to all schools in Islamabad.
The bill is only applicable to Muslim students enrolled in the educational institutions.
The bill will need President Mamnoon Hussain’s signature to become law. It was tabled before the house by State Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Engr Balighur Rehman.
Under the new bill, Naazrah Quran will be taught in Grades 1 through Grade 5, while the Holy Quran will be taught from Grades 6 through Grade 12 with a simple translation and according to a schedule.
Five per cent of the Quran will be taught in class six, 9pc in class seven, 12pc in class eight, 17pc in class nine, 25pc in class 10 while 15pc and 17pc of the Quran will be taught in first and second year. The Surahs taught in the first and second year will be those revealed in Madina.
“It will make the divine message understood; ensure the repose of society; peace and tranquillity; Promote the supreme human values of truth, honesty, integrity, character building, tolerance, understanding others’ point of view and way of life. It will lead towards spreading goodness and auspiciousness and towards ending chaos and uncertainty,” read the bill.
According to the bill, it will also help the state discharge its constitutional responsibility. The bill also says there will be no additional expenses for books and teachers as translations will be donated to all federal government schools and all the educational institutions already have teachers who can easily teach the Quran and its translation.


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