NA Speaker was informed of Shehryar Afridi’s membership suspension: ECP

ECP adjourns PTI foreign funding case hearing till Oct 10

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan stated on Friday that the National Assembly membership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shehryar Khan Afridi remains suspended.
The order was given by ECP on October 15 during last year. The PTI leader was suspended from National Assembly for not submitting details about assets.
ECP also said that Shehryar Afridi is the only member of National Assembly who has not submitted the complete details of his assets. ECP mentioned that the NA speaker was notified about the suspension of Shehryar Afridi from lower house last year.
“Shehryar Afridi cannot participate in proceedings of assembly according to law”, ECP added. However, the membership will be restored after the PTI leader lets the commission know about his assets details.
The matter came under light after the recent scuffle in assembly. Shehryar Afridi was said to be involved in initiating the fight from opposition against ruling party.
On the other hand, the PTI leader claims that he has already submitted the details of his assets. “If my assets were not disclosed, why was I allowed to enter the assembly”, he questioned. He also claimed that he was amongst the moderators not fighters during National Assembly scuffle.


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