NAB special prosecutor Imran Shafiq resigns over Zulfi Bukhari issue


ISLAMABAD: Special prosecutor National Accountability Bureau (NBA) Imran Shafiq has resigned after he took tough stance on dual nationality of the special assistant to prime minister Zulfi Bukhari at Islamabad High court (IHC).
According to reports, Zulfi Bukhari and Imran Shafiq had exchange harsh words at the premises of the Islamabad high court after hearing of Bukhari’s application for removal of his name from ECL.
Imran Shafiq has taken tough stance at the Islamabad high court about dual nationality of Zulfi Bukhari. According to reports, he was given a message from high officials of the NAB to resign as special prosecutor.
Imran Shafiq was also part of the prosecution team in Al-Azizia and flagship references against Mian Nawaz Sharif.


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