Implementation of NAP top priority of govt: Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan Iqbal

Islamabad: Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal Wednesday said effective implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) was priority of the government and coordination would be increased between departments to achieve better results.
The minister was chairing a meeting, attended by ministry and provincial officials, to review progress on National Action Plan.
He said a coordinated system should be established between the federal and provincial departments so that authority of no institution was affected.
He said the provincial administration should play its role to raise awareness at the level of neighbourhood and Mosques, against extremism.
He urged the need for establishing an inter-provincial cabinet level platform so that provinces and federal government could coordinate with each other and ensure implementation of National Action Plan.
He underlined the need for provinces to play an effective role for building a national narrative against terrorism and extremism.
“The war against terrorism is our war, which we are fighting for the survival of our next generations.”
Ahsan instructed that a national database should be formed on crime and terrorism. Collaboration should be increased on anti-terrorism efforts to achieve further results, he added.
He said provinces should ensure the registration of religious seminaries and Mosques according to the set procedure.
He said ulema and religious scholars should be involved at provincial level to strengthen the strategy against extremism.
The provinces should inform the federal government about their suggestions for implementation of National Action Plan. – APP


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