Nisar orders strict implementation of immigration rules pertaining to foreign officials

Chaudhry Nisar
Childish behavior is what PML-N leadership is exhibiting: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: The interior ministry on Thursday ordered all relevant government departments to strictly follow immigration rules pertaining to the entry, exit and stay of all foreign officials in Pakistan.
In a meeting chaired by Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar, it was decided that all departments, including Civil Aviation, Immigration, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will need to hand in complete details on any foreign personnel visiting Pakistan to the interior ministry.
The departments were categorically told that foreign officials would be denied visas without complete documentation.
The interior secretary, the advocate general, the chairman of the National Database and Registration Authority and members of the Federal Investigation Agency and the Ministry of Interior attended the meeting.
The meeting attendees also decided that the personal record of government officials responsible for applying for visas for any foreign official will also be added to the database and shared with the interior ministry.
It was also decided that security clearance for visits to any sensitive areas would be sought from the interior ministry prior to the foreign official’s arrival, and that the itinerary for all visiting officials would be shared with the interior ministry by the relevant embassies at least a week prior to their visit.
Private staff members of foreign officials will only be allowed to enter the country after they have been given clearance by the interior ministry, it was decided.
Guests visiting Pakistan during the hunting season will have to abide by the laws set for them by the Pakistan government and any dispensaries will be dealt with sternly.
In case of any discrepancies in the system, officials of the responsible department would be held responsible and face strict action.
The interior minister also said that he will ensure that all members of the government follow the set regulations and not exploit their position as has been the norm in the past.


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