No occupation can subjugate spirit of brave Kashmir: FM Qureshi

Iran's inclusion in CPEC to benefit entire region: FM Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday has said that no occupation can subjugate spirit of brave people of Indian occupied Kashmir.
In a post on social-networking website on the occasion of 89th Kashmir Martyrs Day, the minister paid tribute to courage of 22 sons of the valley who rendered their lives on this day in 1931 in the face of brutal Dogra forces.
He said that brave Kashmiris have regalvanized decades old struggle for self-determination, an inalienable right for which Kashmiris will continue to die for this day.
Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control as well as rest of the world are observing the Kashmir Martyrs Day today (Monday) with a pledge to continue their struggle for achievement of their birthright right to self-determination and freedom of Kashmir from the Indian yoke.
Kashmir Martyrs’ Day has been commemorated annually on July 13 to mark the incident of July 13, 1931, when 22 Kashmiris were martyred in their attempts to complete the call for prayer outside the Srinagar Central jail, by soldiers of Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh.
The people rose against Dogra rule and protested the prosecution of sympathizer of Kashmir struggle, Abdul Qadeer Khan Ghazi. It was the beginning of Kashmir freedom struggle which has different phases including political struggle as well as civilian protests.


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