No option of conventional war available to Pakistan with India: Sheikh Rasheed

Railways to partially resume train operation from May 20: Sheikh Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Saturday that if India attempts to attack Pakistan, then it would be the last war.
The federal minister addressed a rally against Indian oppression in Dhirkot, Azad Kashmir, and asserted that there would be no option of ‘conventional war’ available to Pakistan and warned about the consequences of the possible war with India.
“No crops would grow in India, in case of an attack on Pakistan,” he said, adding that the armed forces of Pakistan have been waiting for this day for the last 72 years.
“I’m sure that Modi would not dare to attack on Pakistan […] the resolutions of [United Nations] Security Council are just vanished.”
While strongly condemning Indian unilateral moves in the region leading towards instability, Rasheed maintained that the crisis of Kashmir has reemerged by the acts of “Nazi Modi”.
The minister further expressed hope that with the struggle of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Kashmir dispute would resolve.
“China is firmly supporting Pakistan […] the entire nation is standing “shoulder to shoulder” with Pakistan Army,” he went on to say.
Regarding Indian paramilitary forces’ atrocities, human rights’ violations and humanitarian crisis in the disputed Himalayan region, the minister outlined that stringent curfew has been imposed for the last 20 days by Modi-led Hindu nationalist Indian government.
“There is a shortage of food and medicines [in the region],” he said.
Meanwhile, another rally was carried out in Dera Bugti to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren.


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