No political interference in Pakpattan DPO’s transfer: police report

ISLAMABAD: Former Punjab IGP Kaleem Imam Wednesday submitted an inquiry report of Pakpattan incident to the Supreme Court and rejecting political interference in the transfer of the DPO Rizwan Gondal.
The former IGP in his report claimed that the chief minister had summoned the DPO without taking him into loop. He said that Ahsan Iqbal Jamil, a close friend of the Maneka family, was also present during the meeting of the chief minister with RPO and DPO.
The DPO Gondal confidently cleared his position to the RPO and chief minister, he said, adding that the DPO told Jamil that if conveying messages meant that he was expected to visit a person’s dera to apologize, he would not do so.
The chief minister did not intervene during the conversation between DPO Gondal and Jamil. The report stated that Jamil was seemingly disappointed during the meeting as the matter remained unresolved, the report states. Jamil also issued an apology if any steps taken by him were unpleasant for the police officers.
The report claimed that police officers were neither harassed nor pressured. The then-Pakpattan DPO had felt that he was being pressured and he did not like that.


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