Not a single prime minister completed tenure in 70 years: Nawaz

Media misinterpreted Nawaz’s statement: Spokesman
Media misinterpreted Nawaz’s statement: Spokesman

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif Monday regretted that not a single prime minister completed tenure in the country’s history, saying that all institutions should respect each other.
He was speaking at separate meetings with lawyers, journalists, PML-N leaders and ministers here.
Nawaz Sharif said that that for the sake of the country, everyone will have to work together. He said he wanted to serve the country going beyond the designation of prime minister and the task would be of utmost honour for him. “I want things to not deteriorate but get back on the right track,” he said.
He further said that if the institutions will not respect one another, then the country will not progress.
“The civil society, media and everyone has to determine a path, otherwise the country will not function,” said the former prime minister. He also called for new political and social contract for running the country’s affairs.
Nawaz said it has been decided to maintain the post of Punjab chief minister.
The PML-N leadership discussed the plan for the journey of their party chief. As per the plan, a bombproof vehicle and jammers will be used while a special security force will be deployed for the former prime minister, sources said. A bomb disposal squad will also be present on the route for screening before the arrival of the caravan. Besides, the workers of PML-N will surround Nawaz’s vehicle throughout the trip.


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