Number of terrorist incidents drop in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Police

Police official martyred in Hayatabad area of Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The number of terrorist incidents have significantly dropped in the first five months of this year as compared to last four years in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) due to extraordinary performance of police.
According to statistics issued by KP police here on Thursday, only 21 terrorist incidents took place in first five months as compared to 52 in year 2014, 108 incidents in 2015, 113 incidents in 2016 and 53 incidents in 2107.
Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has so far registered 49 cases and recovered 419 items of explosive material to be used in terrorist activities in various cities of the province. The CTD registered 77 cases in 2014, 228 cases in 2015, 260 cases in 2016 and 152 cases in year 2107.
Due to the efforts of CTD police, only 10 cases of extortion have been reported in the first five months of this year while the figure was 58 in 2104 , 113 cases in 2015, 67 cases in 2016, 44 cases in 2017.
Likewise, incidents of target killings were dropped across the province and only 10 incidents occurred so far during the first five months of this year while eight incidents were reported in 2014, 55 incidents in 2105, 77 incidents in 2016 and 29 cases in 2017.
Due to effective security measures and strategies, only three incidents of kidnapping for ransom were reported from across the province this year as compared to 17 cases in 2014, 26 cases in 2015, 16 cases in 2016 and seven cases in 2017.
The CTD police have achieved significant achievements against terrorism as compared to past years.
Moreover, seven CTD police stations have been setup in the regional headquarters of the province. – APP


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