OGRA to raise gas price from November 15


ISLAMABAD: Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has on Sunday decided to raise the price of gas from November 15. A letter has been written to Prime Minister (PM), Finance Ministry and Ministry of Petroleum, telling them to provide subsidy to the people if the government does not want to raise the price.
OGRA has written to PM, Finance Ministry and Petroleum Ministry that 36% increase in the gas tariff is must. According to OGRA officials, the authority will issue the notice of price increase on November 15 in light of the ordinance if no advice from the government is received till then.
The officials said that the federal government had been told about the decision to raise prices on October 6. They said that verbal orders were not enough from the government to hold the price raise. They added that the government could provide subsidy to the people if it didn’t want the price to be raised.
According to OGRA officials, the government was legally bound to raise the gas price in order to meet the financial needs of the companies, and it will be in violation of the government if the gas prices were not revised by November 15.


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