Only parliament has right to take decision for nation, says Zardari


HYDERABAD: Former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari Saturday said that only parliament has the right to take decisions for the nation, adding that a person with three-year tenure has no right to take such decisions.
Addressing a public meeting here, the former president questioned that what right an individual with a three-year tenure has to make such decisions.
Without naming anyone, he said they keep visiting different places, questioning, “What does you have to do [with them]? “There have been 900,000 case pending in courts, you should look into those,” he said. “You have no future, why do you decide about the future of things?”
Zardari said only parliament has the right to make decisions about the nation. “It was better that transparent elections were allowed to be held and political parties could have formed a government through consensus.” He said that evolution was the only solution the country’s problems.
He also criticized the PTI government and said that the installed government has failed to deliver in its first 100 days, adding that the PPP had ousted the former president Musharraf and hosted Pakistani flag in Swat during its government’s first 100 days.
Asif Ali Zardari said that how the foreign businessmen would invest in Pakistan when the government was harassing the local businessmen.


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