Opposition leader berates govt for not collecting taxes from majority population

Khurshid Shah

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah has criticized the government for not respecting the parliament and their mandate by pointing to the ministers’ absenteeism.
Khursheed Shah said that the fact that the PM was in the house but most of his cabinet was not was deplorable. He said that he has never seen parliament like this. He reiterated that he believes Shahid Abbasi as his PM and the parliament as a guarantee of democracy in the country. Opposition Leader said that the impression about the parliament should be a positive one.
Commenting on the recently-announced budget, Khursheed Shah said that the government tricked the public by slashing Rs. 184bn in taxes and levying Rs. 400bn more in taxes. He termed the hike in petrol prices as cruel.
He berated the government for not collecting taxes from majority of the population.
“The government introduced the amnesty scheme about which no one knows anything. It looks like the government is not ready to tax the rich”, he said.
Providing Indian reference, he said the tax ratios in India is 5 per cent while it is 0.3 or 0.4 per cent. He suggested to appoint Chairman of FBR through parliament as it collects tax from the whole country.


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