Opposition Leader lauds PAF for retaliatory action against India

Opposition lawmakers to resign from election rigging committee: Shehbaz

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly (NA) Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday while terming the current scenario as significant in Pakistan’s history said that they have to work with collective insight and wisdom.
Addressing the joint session of parliament, he regretted that the valley of Kashmir has been turned into a bloodshed while Pakistan is facing a wicked enemy.
“After 1971, Pakistan’s borders have been violated which is a heinous crime. The Indian planes came 4km into our space. But Pakistan Air Force retaliated effectively while recalling the memories of 1965 war,” asserted Shehbaz.
“Our brave armed forces, PAF officers and soldiers deserve commendation. Their timely response has made us proud,” said the opposition leader.
“This discussion will be incomplete without mentioning the PAF squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui who shot down the Indian jet. He is a national hero. Our armed forces have proved that they will defend every inch of this land and not hesitate from making any sacrifices,” lauded Shehbaz.
“Who does not know that Narendra Modi is a terrorist? He martyred thousands of Muslims in Gujrat. He was also termed ‘butcher of humanity,” criticized Sharif.
“Pakistan has already fought three wars. Unfortunately our neighbor did not accepted Pakistan by heart. Wars are not the solution of any problem,” he suggested.
The opposition leader reiterated that longlasting peace will not be possible without solution of Kashmir issue. “We will continue to support Kashmiris diplomatically and politically. The children are being shot with pellet guns, young men are crushed with vehicles, and the armed forces oppress citizens. If this situation persists, more Burhan Wanis will be born in every valley of Kashmir,” he pronounced.
“Pakistan has faced every sort of terrorism and lost 70,000 people in war against terrorism. No other country has faced such number of causalities. Army, police, traders, mothers, sisters and sons have laid their lives for this country,” remarked Sharif.
“India, on the contrary, has not fulfilled its promise of providing right to self-determination to Kashmiris. They put behind all their promises. The foreign powers always remain silent when it comes to Muslims,” he regretted.
Blaming Pakistan for the resistance in Kashmir is an age-old tactic of India, he added.
Shehbaz maintained that OIC should have condemned India s brutality in Kashmir instead of inviting them as a guest of honour. “This is not acceptable to us,” he said.
Sharif urged that they have to make Pakistan economically strong.


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