Pakistan begins process to diagnose coronavirus patients

Pakistan begins process to diagnose coronavirus patients

ISLAMABAD: The process of diagnosing novel coronavirus in Pakistani patients has begun today (Sunday).
According to details, the federation and provincial governments have devised strategy with relevant ministries to prevent the possible outbreak of the virus in Pakistan.
The representatives of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have said that the protection of general masses against coronavirus is government’s first priority.
Meanwhile, proper measures have also been taken at national airports for the screening of the passengers.

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On the other hand, the death toll from China’s coronavirus epidemic soared to 304, as an increasing number of countries imposed extraordinary Chinese travel bans to combat the spread of the disease.
With Britain, Russia and Sweden among the countries confirming their first infections, the virus has now spread to more than two dozen nations, sending governments scurrying to limit their exposure.
The United States and Australia are leading a growing list of countries that are putting temporary but sweeping travel restrictions on Chinese nationals or those who have travelled to China within the last two weeks.


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