Pakistan combating terrorism, extremism to save its territory: Bilawal

مخلوط حکومت کښي به وزيراعظم لپاره آصف زرداري زمونږ اميدوار وي، بلاول

DAVOS: Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Pakistan is combating terrorists and extremists to safeguard its territory adding that the country did not needed to eradicate terrorism for Modi or Trump.
In an interview, Bilawal said that Pakistan has given most sacrifices in its fight against terror. He said that the world would not have any case to criticise Pakistan on its role in the war against terrorism if the state of Pakistan follows a holistic approach, like the implementation of the National Action Plan.
Bilawal said that in response to the attacks by Indian Prime Minister Narendara Modi at his sessions in World Economic Forum, Pakistan should present its view to the world, as it has a right to present its stance to the world.


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