Pakistan coronavirus death toll rises to 21, with cases surge to 1832

Pakistan coronavirus death toll rises to 21, with cases surge to 1832

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan witnessed a sudden rise in the number of deaths due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, as seven more people died, taking death toll to 21 across the country.
According to details, the number of confirmed coronavirus-infected people in the country rose to 1832. So far 53 patients have recovered.
627 patients have been tested positive for the epidemic in Sindh, 152 in Balochistan, 651 in Punjab, 217 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 128 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 51 in Islamabad and six in Azad Kashmir.
Prime Minister Imran Khan while announcing the launch of coronavirus relief fund said that war against coronavirus will be won through proper strategy. He said there should be no haste in any decision regarding lockdown of whole country.
In his address to the nation, the Prime Minister said the world is fighting against the coronavirus according to their capacity. He said the only country that has remained successful so far in this struggle is China that put 20 million people under lockdown to overcome COVID-19. He said if Pakistan had similar situation like China, he could have shut down the whole cities. However, twenty five percent of our population lives under the poverty line and additional twenty percent is on the borderline.
“We are a country with 25% population living below poverty line. Then a number of people living right next to the poverty line, one blow, and they’ll be pushed into poverty. So, we are looking at the plight of at least 9-10 crore people.”
PM said the government of India locked down entire country and today Narendra Modi apologized to his people for locking down the country without proper planning.
Imran Khan said no lockdown can be successful if people become unemployed and have nothing to eat. He said coronavirus does not distinguish between rich and poor and everyone will have to play their role in its success.
The Prime Minister said we have to fight this war with wisdom and sagacity.
He said our biggest strength is faith which has made Pakistan one of the most charitable nations in the world. The Prime Minister said youth are our second strength that can build the future of the nation.
Speaking about coronavirus relief fund, PM Imran said: “This will be an account in National Bank of Pakistan, you can deposit money in this account starting day after tomorrow. For those who deposit money in this account and declare it in tax statements, will get tax exemptions based on it.”
Imran Khan said Pakistan’s relief package is around 8 billion dollars which can be further enhanced depending on needs. He said it has been decided that State Bank of Pakistan will give loans to such industries on low markup that do not lay off their employees.
PM Imran said Facebook page of Ehsaas program will give details about the areas where people are in most need, so that people can make decisions to give charity based on transparent information.
He warned that strict action will be taken against the hoarders and profiteers, and they will be given an exemplary punishment, besides holding them responsible for the misery of people.


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