Pakistan hands over evidence to Afghanistan regarding terror activities

Pakistan closely monitoring matter of alleged fake marriages by Chinese nationals: FO

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Thursday handed over a dossier containing evidence of anti-Pakistan activities being carried out from Afghanistan at the nation’s embassy in Islamabad.
In a statement, the FO said the document contained evidence of Afghanisatan-based Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan involvement in a Swat suicide attack on the military. The dossier also contains details on the presence of terrorist sanctuaries in Afghanistan, the FO said. These include hideouts of the TTP, Jamaatul Ahrar and other militant groups.
The FO said Afghanistan had been asked to take action on militant sanctuaries that had become a hotbed of anti-Pakistan activities. These included financing, planning and mounting cross- border attacks on Pakistani military installations, cities and towns, the FO said.
Earlier on March 28, Pakistan called for ‘collective pressure’ on the Afghan Taliban and other insurgent groups to bring them to the negotiating table. The statement came from Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif who led a Pakistan delegation to the Tashkent Conference on Afghanistan.
Asif told the regional moot that there was need for collective pressure on Taliban to shun violence and join the peace process. Delegates from several regional countries including Afghanistan, China, Russia, Iran and India attended the conference to discuss options to revive the moribund peace process.
Asif stressed a regional approach for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the wider region. He appreciated Uzbekistan and its leadership on theregional initiative for peace in Afghanistan and counter-terrorism efforts.
The foreign minister said Pakistan had consistently called for resolution of the Afghan conflict through political means. He said bringing Taliban to the table and establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan was a shared responsibility of the international community.


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