Pakistan, India likely to join Gulf states naval alliance

Pakistan, India likely to join Gulf states naval alliance

TEHRAN: According to Iranian media reports, Iran’s navy commander has stated that Iran, Saudi Arabia, and three other Gulf states are planning to establish a naval alliance that will also include India and Pakistan.
The navy commander, Shahram Irani, emphasized that regional countries have come to realize that cooperation among themselves is crucial for ensuring security in the area. However, he did not provide further details regarding the nature or specific objectives of the alliance, but mentioned that it would be formed in the near future.
Iran has recently been making efforts to improve its strained relations with several Gulf Arab states. In March, Saudi Arabia and Iran ended their seven-year-long hostility through a China-mediated agreement, emphasizing the importance of regional stability and economic cooperation.
Commander Irani revealed that the alliance would involve other states such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, and India.
Saudi Arabia’s reconciliation with Iran has caused frustration for Israel, as it hampers their efforts to diplomatically isolate Iran. Additionally, the UAE, which was the first Gulf Arab country to establish a normalization agreement with Israel in 2020, resumed formal relations with Iran last year.
The formation of this naval alliance signifies a significant development in the regional dynamics and highlights the changing diplomatic relationships among these countries in the Gulf region.– Agencies


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