Pakistan, India to take part in joint military drills in Russia

Pakistan, India to take part in joint military drills in Russia

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and India appear desperate to prevent World War 3 breaking out as the two nuclear armed nations engage in joint military drills with Russia and China, it has emerged.
Nirmala Sitharaman, the defence minister of India, stated that New Delhi will be taking part in the exercises being held by Vladimir Putin towards the end of the summer.
“India will participate strongly in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Peace Mission joint military exercises being held in Russia later this year.
“We believe the cooperation in SCO framework will help further strengthen India’s bilateral defence ties in the region.”
The drills will be organised by the SCO, a bloc of countries that includes Russia, China, India and Pakistan.
The operation has been called “Peace Mission 2018” and will focus on preventing terror attacks.
It is understood it will also involve dismantling terror networks.
The exercise will take place from the end of August to the beginning of September in Russia’s Ural Mountains.
India’s participation in such an operation comes during a time of incredible tensions with neighbours Pakistan and China.
New Delhi and Islamabad have not taken part in such an engagement together before – there have been four previous SCO military training drills.
Both India and Pakistan became full SCO members in June last year. – Agencies


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