Pakistan to remain impartial if cold-war like situation: Khawaja Asif

Khawaja Muhammad Asif

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has categorically stated that it will remain impartial if a cold war like situation develops between the United States and Russia.
Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif was commenting on the current diplomatic standoff between Washington and Moscow, in an interview with a private television channel on Monday.
Foreign Minister said Pakistan has already suffered a lot in 80s and then after become US ally in the wake of 9/11 incident.
Despite huge sacrifices of lives and property, Pakistan get nothing except imposition of US sanctions.
About the possible role of China in Russia-West standoff, the foreign minister said that Beijing’s posture will be to reduce tension between the two sides. He said if China takes any such initiative, Pakistan will support it.
Khawaja Muhammad Asif said Beijing is a trust worthy ally and always stood Pakistan in the hour of trial as a friend.
He said the multi-billion dollars China Pakistan Economic Corridor project is the symbol of our strong friendship.


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