Pakistan sends detailed answers to FATF over questionnaire

Pakistan to stay on FATF's grey list till June 2020

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has forwarded detailed answers to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) over its questionnaire that had been handed over to Islamabad.
According to details, the intergovernmental organization had asked Pakistan to answer 150 questions by January 8.
The FATF had demanded Pakistan to sentence those who are associated with the banned outfits and summoned copies of cases registered against the outlawed organizations.
Details were also asked about legal steps taken concerning religious seminaries, action against money laundering, transfer of funds, assets and jewelry to terrorists.
Pakistan has forwarded all required particulars to the intergovernmental organization and told that investigations into 700 cases regarding money transfer to militants are ongoing.
Action has been taken against 190 persons for transferring money to the banned outfits, 170 facilitators are under arrest and over thousand properties belonging to the outlawed organizations have been seized, the FATF has been told.


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