Pakistan accused of supporting Taliban despite being savior for Afghanistan: Janjua

Pakistan wants durable peace in Afghanistan: Janjua
Pakistan wants durable peace in Afghanistan: Janjua

ISLAMABAD: National Security Adviser Nasser Khan Janjua has said that Pakistan respected the sovereignty and territory integrity of Afghanistan; however, Pakistan was accused of terrorism despite its sacrifices in war against the menace.
He was addressing Islamabad International Counter Terrorism Forum in Islamabad today.
The National Security adviser said both Pakistan and Afghanistan had rendered great sacrifices in the war on terrorism.
He said Pakistan was committed to Afghan peace and stability but the United States (US) continue accusing Pakistan of supporting Taliban in Afghanistan.
He added that on the other hand, the Taliban alleged that Pakistan was supporting the US in Afghanistan.
Recalling the history, he said Pakistan had served as a savior for Afghanistan in Soviet Union invasion.
He said that Pakistan stood with the US and the West in the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan but still allegations were leveled against Pakistan.
The National Security Adviser said Pakistan had rendered immense sacrifices both human and material in the war on terror but these had not been acknowledged.
He added that Balochistan lacked solidarity which resulted in inferiority complex in the province but we adopted the policy of love instead of force.
Janjua said that due to this policy, separatists have surrendered and national flag could be seen flying in different parts of Balochistan.


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