Pakistan urges US, Taliban to re-engage for sake of Afghan peace

Pakistan supports political, peaceful solution to Afghan issue: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has asked the United States government and the Taliban to immediately resume peace talks to find a lasting solution to the conflict in Afghanistan.
In a statement issues by the Foreign Office, Pakistan has urged both parties to recognize that there was no military solution to the almost two-decade long war.
The FO said Pakistan would continue to monitor the developments in the region, saying negotiated peace and a political settlement in Afghanistan were only possible if US and Taliban re-engaged.
“Pakistan will continue to monitor the developments. Pakistan reiterates its principled policy stance that there is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan,” the statement noted.
“Pakistan urges that both sides must re-engage to find negotiated peace from the ongoing political settlement process and looks for optimised engagement following earliest resumption of talks,” the FO said.
The statement comes after US President Donald Trump abruptly canceled a secret summit with Afghan stakeholders last week, as the insurgents in Afghanistan threatened to inflict greater costs on foreign troops in the country.
In interviews over the weekend, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not rule out a return to talks but said the United States needed a “significant commitment” from the Taliban.
The foreign office referred to the cancellation of the Trump meeting, and said that Pakistan had always condemned violence and called on all sides for restraint and commitment to pursue the process.
“Pakistan has been facilitating the peace and reconciliation process in good faith and as a shared responsibility, and has encouraged all sides to remain engaged with sincerity and patience”, the statement read.


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