Pakistan, US stress resolution of outstanding disputes through peaceful means

ISLAMABAD: The United States has recognized Pakistan’s significant efforts to harmonize its strategic trade controls with those of the Nuclear Suppliers Group and other multilateral export control regimes.
This was acknowledged during eighth round of the Pakistan-US Security, Strategic Stability, and Non-proliferation Working Group in Islamabad today.
Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry represented Pakistan, while US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller led his country. Both sides agreed on the value of Pakistan’s continued engagement, outreach and integration into the international non-proliferation regime.
The Pakistan delegation expressed its confidence regarding Pakistan’s credentials to become full member of the export control regimes, particularly NSG and the Missile Technology Control Regime.
Pakistan stressed the need for access to peaceful uses of nuclear technology as a socio-economic imperative and also showed its interest in cooperation with US on peaceful applications of Nuclear Science in health, agriculture and water sectors.
The US side expressed its interest in exploring such nuclear science cooperation with Pakistan.
Pakistan reaffirmed its consistent stance that it will not be the first in its region to resume nuclear testing.
Pakistan also expressed concerns on the growing conventional imbalance and reiterated its longstanding proposal for Strategic Restraint Regime in South Asia and its readiness to pursue measures in the region aimed at building confidence and avoidance of arms race.
The two sides called for lasting peace in South Asia and the resolution of outstanding disputes through peaceful means.


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