Pakistan’s economy to stabilize after overcoming coronavirus: Governor SBP

Pakistan's economy to stabilize after overcoming coronavirus: Governor SBP
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KARACHI: Governor State Bank Reza Baqir has said that ever since the coronavirus started spreading, we have been constantly monitoring the situation and our economy will stabilize once the coronavirus is overcome.
In an exclusive interview, he said that they are constantly monitoring the economic situation of the country and that the exchange rate dropped due to uncertainty in the market.
The Governor SBP said that the G20 countries have made an important decision to provide loan relief to countries including Pakistan while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is also supporting us fully.
Reza Baqir also said that our program with the IMF is on track and the road ahead is not as tough as before.
Answering a question, he said that SBP has reduced the fee on interbank transfer to zero. He said that banks carry out central bank schemes and they are fully cooperating to move the schemes forward.


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