Pakistan’s role vital for peace process in Afghanistan: Zakhilwal

Omar Zakhilwal

PESHAWAR: Afghan Ambassador Dr. Omar Zakhilwal on Thursday said Pakistan was more ideally positioned than any other nation to help the peace process in Afghanistan.
Addressing a conference on peace in Afghanistan, the diplomat said several peace processes were ongoing, but “there is a question mark on how effective these measures are.”
Zakhilwal said: “Afghan Taliban have tacit support from some countries. There are also questions about the peace efforts being made by Russia.”
Peace would return to Afghanistan if Pakistan and India joined hands to resolve the issue, the ambassador said. “We should understand what peace is before talking about it,” Zakhilwal remarked.
He said Daesh, a rising threat to the region, was engaged in an ongoing tussle with the Taliban for regional dominance. Zakhilwal called for concerted efforts to ward off common threats to the region.


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