Pakistan’s sacrifices in war on terror be recognised: FM Qureshi

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ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday said Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror should be acknowledged.
Talking to media after returning from the United Nations General Assembly session, he said the United States had been knocking Pakistan for the last two years and he has clarified to Washington that seeing Pakistan in context of Afghanistan and India was not appropriate.
He was representing Pakistan at the UNGA. During this visit, he called on several American officials in Washington.
He said after a long hiatus we held talks on different issues to carry forward the bilateral relations. “We should always be in pursuit of chances for continuity of dialogues.”
“Bilateral ties with America are gradually improving. However, we will always prioritise national interest in our foreign policy,” he said.
The foreign minister said he spoke on a host of issues with dignitaries in the US. He said meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a turning point which colossally changed the American stance towards Pakistan.
Elucidating his purpose behind visiting the US, he said he was not there to seek aid. He said before the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s coming into power Washington had decided to stop the second installment of US Support Fund. He explained that the support fund was not an aid.
Stressing on unity among the Muslim countries, he said the more the Ummah is divided the more our voice at international level will become weaker.
“The Ummah should be united on the issues of sacrilegious caricatures and Kashmir conflict,” he said.
Shah Mehmood said earlier the issue of Kashmir conflict was suppressed at the UN, while it was being heard at the same forum now, specially after the reports of gross violations of human rights in the valley.
Earlier in a statement, the foreign minister said that Pakistan wanted a peaceful Afghanistan for regional stability and development.
He said that Pakistan had great concerns over the terrorists’ hideouts in Afghanistan which were being used to attack on Pakistan.
Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Pakistan had rendered unprecedented sacrifices in war on terror and the International Community should acknowledge Pakistan efforts in this regard.
He repeated his stance that Pakistan wants relations with United States based on mutual interest and respect.
Qureshi said that close engagement between Pakistan and the United States had always been mutually beneficial and a factor for stability in South Asia.


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