Peace in Pakistan directly linked with peace in Afghanistan: Janjua


ISLAMABAD: National Security Adviser Nasser Khan Janjua has said that peace in Pakistan is directly linked with the peace in Afghanistan.
Talking to US Ambassador David Hale here on Wednesday, he said political reconciliation in Afghanistan is inevitable for regional peace and stability.
The National Security Adviser emphasized breaking the nexus of Afghanistan-based terrorist, who are operating under the patronage of Afghan intelligence agency NDS and Indian intelligence agency RAW. He said these terrorists are being covertly supported to come and hit the soft targets in Pakistan.
Nasser Khan Janjua said that terrorists who attacked the Police Training College in Quetta were constantly in touch with their leadership based in Afghanistan.
The two sides also discussed issues concerning counter-terrorism operations and cross-border attacks.
The US Ambassador condemned the Quetta attack and offered all out help from his country in this regard.
Nasser Khan Janjua briefed David Hale on the efforts Pakistan is making to improve the security situation by implementing National Action Plan.
The US Ambassador apprised the Adviser of the initiatives the United States has taken to improve security situation in Afghanistan.


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