Pervaiz Rasheed challenges Nisar to leave PML-N if really a man of principle


ISLAMABAD: Former information minister Pervaiz Rasheed said on Monday that if former interior minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz senior leader Chaudhry Nisar is as disciplined as he says then he should leave the party.
Senator Rasheed said the former interior minister passed “misleading statements about the party during testing times”.
The party should make a decision unanimously regarding Nisar, said Rasheed. “Someone wanted me ousted and Nisar wanted to win his approval,” said Rasheed.
Earlier in an interview, Rasheed denied that he was used as a scapegoat, in response to a question about his ouster from office. “Nawaz Sharif had to take the decision under duress,” he said. “I know Nawaz was not responsible for my ouster.”
Earlier, then interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had held Rasheed’s ‘doings’ responsible for his ouster. “What Nisar refers to as my doings are Pakistan’s national interest,” Rasheed had responded.


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