Peshawar Police Lines attack planned in Afghanistan: AIG CTD

PESHAWRA: Additional IG CTD Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has said that the planning for the Peshawar Police Line blast was carried out in Afghanistan, and the suicide bomber was the resident of Mohmand district, while another bomber was ready for attack.
Additional IG CT Shaukat Abbas and DIG CT Sahibzada Suhail Khalid briefed the media on the progress of the investigation into the Peshawar Police Lines blast, stating that all those involved in the attack would be arrested and that several revelations had come to light during the investigation.
Additional IG CT Shaukat Abbas said that 84 people were martyred in the blast, and the mastermind of the case had been traced. The suicide bomber was identified with the help of 300 cameras, and the handler of the suicide bomber was also traced, he claimed.
He said that another suicide bomber was also prepared for the blast, adding that if the first suicide bomber had failed, the second one would have carried out the attack.
He revealed that both attackers had received training in the Kunduz province of Afghanistan. He said that the mastermind of the suicide bombing was Ghafoor alias Suleman. The bomber was identified as Qari.


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