PIA financial crisis continue as 10 more flights canceled today

PIA financial crisis continue as 10 more flights canceled today

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s national air carrier financial crisis are continued as 10 more domestic flights were canceled today (Saturday).

According to aviation officials, the schedule of 10 flights of the Pakistan International Airlines has been changed and many are delayed.

Two flights PK 501 and PK 502 from Karachi to Turbat have been cancelled.

It is reported that two up and down flights to Lahore, PK 302 and PK 303, while flights to and from Karachi to Islamabad, PK 368 and 369 have been cancelled.

Apart from this, two flights PK 336 and PK 337 from Karachi to Sukkur and Sukkur to Karachi have also been cancelled, PK 340 from Karachi to Faisalabad and PK 341 from Faisalabad to Karachi have also been cancelled.

Reportedly, PIA flight PK 741 from Islamabad to Jeddah was delayed by 4.5 hours, while PK 601 from Islamabad to Gilgit was also delayed.

PK 301 from Islamabad to Karachi is delayed by 2.5 hours and PK 725 from Lahore to Riyadh is delayed by three hours while PK 605 from Islamabad to Gilgit will leave 50 minutes ahead of schedule.

Flight PK325 from Islamabad to Quetta is delayed by 1:20 hours, flight PK509 from Islamabad to Turbat is delayed by 1.5 hours and flight PK310 from Karachi to Quetta has been delayed by two hours.

According to reports, flight PK 300 to Islamabad was delayed by two and a half hours, while flight PK 168 to Al-Qasim from Multan and PK 221 to Dubai were delayed by two hours.

PIA flight PK 739 from Multan was supposed to depart for Jeddah at 12:00 pm last night. The plane is not available to take Umrah pilgrims wearing Ihram at the airport to Jeddah.

It is worth noting that couple of days earlier, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar directed all relevant stakeholders to find an immediate solution to the privatisation of national air carrier.

Earlier this week, the PIA officials had confirmed that 14 out of its 31 aircrafts had been grounded due to the financial crisis.



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