Pilot of PIA’s crashed plane violated aviation rules: CAA report

Pilot of PIA's crashed plane violated aviation rules: CAA report

KARACHI: Significant progress has been made in the investigation of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash investigation in which violation of rules by the pilot has been revealed.
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a report on the violation of rules by the pilot of the crashed plane. In this regard, Additional Director Operations Iftikhar Ahmed has written a letter to the General Manager, Safety Department, PIA, stating that the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) had been instructing the Captain regarding landing.
The letter states that the captain did not follow the instructions of the air traffic controller. When the plane was at the control zone approach point, its altitude was higher than what it should have been and the ATC warned the captain about this.
The letter further states that when the plane was at seven nautical miles, the altitude of the plane was 5,200 feet and according to the control tower, the approach was more than the profile. The captain of the plane was instructed twice to turn the aircraft left at an angle of 180 degrees.
The captain was instructed to bring the plane to the required altitude for approach. The altitude of the plane was 3,500 feet, the plane came to four nautical 1300 feet, while the required speed for landing was more than 250 knots.


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