PM directs implementation of energy-saving measures

PM condemns ‘smear campaign’ against COAS at behest of Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday chaired a meeting to review the implementation of the measures taken for saving energy in the country.

Shehbaz chaired a review meeting on the implementation of the energy conservation plan.

The meeting was informed that in the initial phase, solar panels of 1000 megawatts would be installed at federal government buildings, for which the process of bidding will be started next week.

It was further told that the process of policy-making for production of solar panels at local level in the country has entered the final phase.

The participants were told that in order to increase the production of electric motorcycles, the local industry has been taken into confidence to formulate a comprehensive policy.

The meeting was informed that for conserving gas, all new gas geysers would come with conical baffles and by the end of the current year, the installation of baffles on present geysers would be ensured.

It was told that the production of high energy consuming filament or low quality old electric bulbs would not be allowed after the sale of the present stock.

The industries manufacturing high energy-consuming fans would also be transferred to new technology and a comprehensive plan would be laid down for replacing the old fans.



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