PM Imran, Afghan president discuss recent efforts for peace in Afghanistan

PM Imran, Ghani

ISLAMABAD: Afghan President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani made a telephone call to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday to discuss the recent efforts for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.
President Ghani expressed his gratitude for Pakistan’s sincere facilitation of these efforts, initiated by the US Special Representative for Peace and Reconciliation in Afghanistan Zamlay Khalilzad.
Prime Minister Imran Khan assured President Ghani that Pakistan was making sincere efforts for a negotiated settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan through an inclusive peace process as part of shared responsibility.
President Ghani invited PM Khan to visit Afghanistan at his earliest convenience. Prime Minister Khan reciprocated by inviting President Ghani to visit Pakistan. Both leaders also agreed to remain engaged and create an environment for resolving all outstanding issues.
Meanwhile, US Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad arrived in Islamabad on Thursday to hold delegation-level talks.
The US envoy was initially scheduled to arrive in the federal capital on Tuesday. However, the visit was rescheduled after Khalilzad was said to be engaged in meetings in Kabul.
The envoy will hold talks regarding the Afghan peace process and talks with the Taliban and the US Army’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Khalilzad, who met Taliban representatives last month in Abu Dhabi, travelled to Afghanistan as well as China and India as part of the four-nation trip which ends January 21.
His trip comes after US President Donald Trump signalled he would bring home half of the 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan as he grows increasingly impatient over America´s longest-ever war.– Agencies


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