PM Imran directs cabinet members to implement austerity measures: Firdous

PM Imran directs cabinet members to implement austerity measures: Firdous

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Tuesday while criticising the opposition said that the roads and walls of Jati Umra had been built with the money of people.
Addressing a press conference to give briefing on cabinet meeting in Islamabad, she said that the incumbent government is even paying a sum of Rs280 million in terms of outstanding bills of electricity left by previous government.
Dr Awan said that the media did not accurately report the amount allocated for Prime Minister House in the new budget. She said the previous budget allocated to Prime Minister House was 1.10 billion rupees, adding that the incumbent government spent Rs750 million out of it and saved 32 percent amount.
The special assistant said in budget 2019-20 there is already a cut of 13 percent for the PM House expenses.
Criticizing the role of opposition in the National Assembly, she said the undue criticism by opposition on budget is illogical. She also criticized the besieging of NA Speaker at his chamber.
She said: “Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the cabinet members that austerity measures be implemented in letter and spirit, adding that the prime minister explained to the cabinet of all those initiatives that he personally took for austerity keeping in view the current economic challenges faced by the country.
He said cabinet members should set an example for others by adopting simple lifestyle.
Glorification of crime will not be allowed and Chief Ministers have been directed to discourage the giving of protocols to criminals in their court hearings. She said prerogative of issuing production order lies with the Speaker of National Assembly and he should see the merit of it.
The special assistant said no production order was issued for Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad during the tenure of previous government, despite the fact that he had no criminal case against him.
She said Prime Minister Imran Khan will represent the country at the upcoming 74th session of United Nations General Assembly to be held in New York this September, adding that Pakistan s brief delegation will comprise the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister to avoid burden on national exchequer.
Awan said: “During the official visit to UNGA, the prime minister and the foreign minister, unlike their predecessors, would not stay at the seven-star luxurious hotels, but at the residence of the Ambassador or Consul General at the embassy.”
She said the decision was in line with the spirit of austerity to save public money and divert it towards the betterment of people. She recalled that family members of a former prime minister attended in private capacity, the official events including UNGA, which was totally an unjustified act.
Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the 74th UNGA session for the firsttime since he assumed office in August 2018.
Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan called on Prime Minister Imran Khan at the PM Office on Tuesday.
During the meeting Dr Awan updated the prime minister about the issues related to the passage of budget by the Parliament and also the matters that were discussed during the cabinet meeting.
The meeting took place prior to media briefing by the PM s Special Assistant about the decisions of the cabinet meeting, which was chaired by the Prime Minister.


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