PM Imran Khan hints at early elections in country

Pakistan will not intervene in Afghanistan's internal matters: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has hinted to the possibility of early elections in the country.
The prime minister held a meeting with senior journalists and anchorpersons on Monday.
The journalists present in the meeting reported that the prime minister has alluded to the possibility of earlier elections. They said that the prime minister has also hinted to the possible changes in the federal cabinet in the next ten days.
The prime minister talked at length over various issues, including political, economic and foreign policy situation.
Media reports quoted prime minister as saying that he never preferred nepotism and is saddened over the remarks on Zulfi Bukhari’s appointment.
The prime minister also talked about money laundering and said that he will bring a strict law against money laundering that would target many bigwigs.
He further said that he does not care if the opposition does not support him, adding that he will not appoint Shehbaz Sharif as the chairman of Public Accounts Committee.
The prime minister also told the journalists that US President Donald Trump wrote a letter to him, seeking help in bringing Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table.
PM Imran also said that Kartarpur initiative was not a Goggly, it was a sincere effort. He stressed that the Kashmir dispute must be resolved for peace in region. He said that his government’s Kartarpur Corridor initiative was a simple decision and nothing more. “We have foiled the Indian plan to spread hatred,” the prime minister further said.
Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his government’s determination to seek solution of the Kashmir issue. He also informed the media persons, ” we are going to form the parliamentary committees today”.
He said that his government has special focus over the creation of the promised South Punjab province.
The prime minister said that the Army Chief has been on the same page with the government over seeking solution of the missing persons’ problem.
Commenting on the decreasing value of Pakistani currency, Imran Khan said he came to know from television news about rise of the dollar in comparison to Pakistani rupee.
He said the State Bank had decided about devaluation of the Pakistani currency. The government is going to devise mechanism that will bound the central bank to inform the government before decision of the devaluation.


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