PM Imran Khan refused to work in Bollywood film by Dev Anand

PM Imran Khan refused to work in Bollywood film by Dev Anand

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an old video that has resurfaced recently, revealed that he was offered to work in Bollywood by renowned Indian actor Dev Anand. However, he rejected to do so.
During an interview in a TV show titled India Questions, in 2006, PM Imran was quizzed about having thought of joining Bollywood.
To this, he replied with a grin stating, ”You won’t believe it, I was asked by one great Indian actor who we all used to look up to. Who in fact, even turned up in England to ask me to act in a film. But you know I was puzzled.”
The premier then raised questions about who made him the intriguing offer, and why did he turn it down.
At first, PM Imran didn’t reveal the name and said, “I won’t name him because it’ll be embarrassing.”
However, the 1992 World Cup victor skipper, on insistence confirmed that it was none other than Dev Anand.
“But for me, it’s strange. Just because I’m playing cricket, how can I become an actor? It makes no sense to me,” he said.
PM Imran also shared, “In fact, Ismael Merchant once asked me to act in a film. But again, I was always puzzled, how can I act? I couldn’t even act in a school play, forget about going into films.”
The incident has also been mentioned in Dev Anand’s 2007 autobiography Romancing with Life.


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