PM Imran Khan vows to never let the corrupt off the hook, whether in power or not

Pakistan exploring winter tourism, ski resorts feasibility: PM
Pakistan exploring winter tourism, ski resorts feasibility: PM

ISLAMABAD (Khyber News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that if he fails to win the vote of confidence from the House, he will leave office and sit in the opposition. Addressing the nation on Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he wanted to speak to the nation on Wednesday’s Senate election.

“Money has been used in the Senate election for the past 40 years, he who has money becomes a senator”, the PM said.

Imran Khan said he was committed from the outset to eradicate this practice in order to curb corruption. He said his party also went to Supreme Court of Pakistan for this purpose and the Apex Court directed Election Commission of Pakistan to use all modern technology to ensure transparency in the elections.

Prime Minister, while addressing the ECP, said secret ballot has damaged the democracy in the country. He said ECP could have employed latest technology in order to know who the turncoats in Senate elections were.

He said he is not afraid of losing power as he has no monetary interests. He said he bears all his personal expenses himself and unlike previous rulers, he is not a burden on national exchequer.

The Prime Minister reiterated its resolve to continue struggle for the supremacy of law and justice irrespective of remaining in power or sitting on the opposition benches.

The PM said after Hafeez Shaikh’s defeat in Senate election, the main objective of the opposition was to get an NRO using the threat of no-confidence vote. Ever since PTI came into power, corrupt people and those from older parties have been pressurizing his government to give NRO, just like they pressurized the Musharraf government.


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