PM inaugurates Pakistan’s largest oil refinery in Hub

KARACHI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday inaugurated the country’s largest oil refinery in Hub industrial area, vowing to bring Balochistan further than other provinces in economic development.
The prime minister said that Pakistan needs to connect trade routes with Central Asia, and vowed that Gwadar would be developed into a beautiful free port with a special status.
Speaking about law and order in Karachi, he said that it was the government’s responsibility to establish peace.
“I am happy to say that peace in Karachi is better than before. All the terrorists involved in the Safoora tragedy are behind bars. I hope now that the courts would soon punish them,” he said.
He hoped that ‘hardened terrorists’ would not be dealt with softly and that the suspects of the deadly Karachi bus attack would be convicted by the courts in “not years, not months but in weeks”.
He said that the ongoing Karachi operation would continue until the last terrorist is eliminated
The prime minister is expected attend an event hosted by the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries at a hotel in Karachi following the inauguration of the Byco oil refinery in Hub.



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