PM launches ‘Plant for Pakistan’ campaign, says no NRO for corrupt


NAKANA: Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Spring Tree Plantation Campaign at Balloki, Nankana Sahib on Saturday .
He formally inaugurated the campaign by planting a sapling there.
On the occasion, the Prime Minister was briefed about the tree plantation campaign.
Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister directed that the forest land given on lease in Punjab should be retrieved. He said forest cover in Pakistan is already very low as compared to the region. He pointed out that there used to be big forests in Chicawatni, Mianwali and Changa Manga. He said the forests should be fully protected.Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday launched the “10 Billion Tree Plantation Drive” in Balloki.
Speaking about the alarming rate at which Pakistan’s forests have been depleted, he said that Pakistan’s forests should be protected at any cost.
“70 per cent of Pakistan’s forests have been cut down in the past few years, that has created an imbalance in our environment,” Prime Minister Khan said.
“We are now going to allow builders to build higher buildings, just so our cities stop expanding and encroaching on our forests,” he said while adding that the health of Pakistan’s elderly population, as well as of children is continuously declining “since the air we breath is getting more and more contaminated.”
“Our children do not have parks to play in anymore, all of those places have been taken over by concrete and cement, this needs to stop,” the prime minister said while stressing the need for rehabilitation of forests.
While addressing the crowd, Prime Minister Khan announced that his government will create a wildlife reserve park under Baba Guru Nanak’s name and that Nankana Sahib will also become home to the Baba Guru Nanak university.
He said that no corrupt person would be given NRO. He said that giving NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) to anyone will be equivalent to treason.
The prime minister reiterated, “No will get an NRO.” “Giving NRO to anyone will be equivalent to treason and disloyalty to the country,” he added.
PM Imran explained, “NRO is forgiving very big suspects.”
“General (retd) Pervez Musharraf gave NRO to Nawaz Sharif to save his own seat,” the premier further stated. “Now no favours will be given to corrupt people,” PM Imran stressed.
“We are asking those for accountability who destroyed the country. This is tabdeeli (change),” he added.
Taking a hit at Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif, PM Imran said, “Those who face NAB cases are summoning NAB.”
“For the first time in the country’s political history, three ministers resigned within five months,” PM Imran said.
Earlier, on twitter, PM Imran wrote, “We are launching our #Plant4Pakistan programme and reclaiming mafia encroached land, converting it into forests and wild life parks for our future generations to fight climate change and pollution.”


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