PM links country’s development with respect for vote, politicians

PM Abbasi

PASRUR: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that respect to vote and politician is the only way for development of the country.
He was addressing ground breaking ceremony of dualization of Pasrur-Sialkot road here on Saturday. On arrival at Cadet College in Pasrur, he was given a detailed briefing on the project.
The prime minister said that a country could not make progress, where the politicians have no respect, adding like judge, the politician also be respected. He said that only politicians were facing accountability in the country. He claimed that he had stopped Zahid Hamid when he decided to resign.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that disqualification of a politician for life time over an Iqama was not in the interest of the country, adding that Iqma was only for visa. He said that Khwaja Asif had paid tax on his income, but he was disqualified, who had served the country for 30 years. He said that the people and history would never accept such decisions, adding that only masses have the right to take such decisions.
“Politicians take responsibility for their work and present themselves before the people after five years,” the prime minister said. He said that the projects of Nawaz Sharif’s vision were started and completed during the PML-N government.
While referring to upcoming general elections, the premier said that the vote of the people should be respected. “The decision made by the ballot boxes should be respected for the next five years.”
The prime minister said they always respected judicial verdicts and implemented them but decisions against politicians were not accepted by the people nor the history would endorse them.He referred to the presence of Khawaja Muhammad Asif at the stage, former minister, and said the people of the area knew his political background who always served the masses.
On the mere issue of possessing visa, he stood disqualified, he said, questioning whether such decisions would serve the country!Minister for State for Information and broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb, former federal ministers Zahid Hamid, Khawaja Asif and political leaders were also present on the occasion. The prime minister observed that the Constitution was very clear about therole of politicians and the masses in running the government s affairs, the latter would have to take decision during elections and their verdict should be respected for five years.
He said under the vision of PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif, the government had been executing uplift projects throughout the country worth billion of rupees. He also credited Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif for his marvelous performance in the province outdoing other provincial governments. He said the people in other provinces also craved for such political leadership which could deliver on its promises. He said there was not a single week in which he was not inaugurating development projects worth billion of rupees. The PML-N government only worked for the masses and the country.
The PML-N government not only initiated new projects but completed them but also cleared the past backlog left unattended by the previous regimes, he added.The prime minister cited the Pasrur-Sialkot road and said this road network could have been completed in the past.The PML-N government did not set 11 points after lapse of five years. In all parts of the country, numerous projects were being accomplished by the PML-Nas its politics were centered on public welfare, he added. Musharraf and other rulers had resources but they did not deliver, he regretted.He said the PML-N government did not stuff pockets rather it passed on thebenefits to the masses and mentioned country s growing GDP which was set to cross 6 per cent mark. He said different parties got opportunities to serve masses with the formation of their respective provincial governments.
The PML-N government also took decisions on the country s sovereignty and was standing by its promises, he said, adding the electorates could clearly differentiate between the practical deeds and mere slogans. People would take better decision so that the country could progress and would discourage the politics of indecency, he added.The prime minister expressed his optimism that the PML-N would emerge victorious in the area with massive public support. He also mentioned the historic background of the area and lauded the contributions made by Khawaja Asif and Zahid Hmaid for the development of the area.


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