PM Nawaz a security risk for Pakistan: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan insisted on Saturday that a corrupt Prime Minister was a security risk for Pakistan.
Speaking to media representatives outside his residence in Bani Gala, he said the court have given us a go-ahead to conduct a peaceful protest in Islamabad but the government is not respecting its verdict, said Imran Khan and asked, “Isn’t it a contempt of court.”
If the justice system of Pakistan cannot protect our rights, then what is left with people like us to do in this country, he asked.
Khan said police was not allowing food items inside the premises of Bani Gala for our workers and supporters stationed here.
“To all my activists, you have to prepare for Nov. 2, you have to escape capture,” Khan told to his supporters earlier today who have set up camps apparently to support and protect their party leadership from police patrolling in the vicinity.
Khan said the government just saw only a practice match in Rawalpindi on Friday; the real match would be on November 2.
He said next month PTI would show PM Nawaz the power of real democracy and asked his party workers to evade arrests or captures before November 2 and reach Islamabad at any cost breaking all the hurdles.
The government has placed Bani Gala under siege illegally and without any official order, PTI senior leader Jehangir Tareen told reporters on Saturday.
Tareen said Nawaz Sharif has lockdown two major cities of the country before the November 2 protest which the PTI leader insisted would be held despite hurdles.
He also announced his party was planning to approach courts for the release of the arrested workers on October 31.
PTI’s Chaudhry Sarwar said with the word lockdown, PTI never meant to lockdown all main roads of Islamabad, disrupting lives.
Khan’s latest challenge to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government is based on leaked documents from the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca law firm that appear to show that his daughter and two sons owned offshore holding companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. Sharif’s family have been denying wrongdoings without any evidence.


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